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If you have any queries, please contact us.

Guarantee and Returns

If Shop with Dr.Eve supplies the wrong product or if the product is supplied in any way faulty or damaged, Shop with Dr.Eve will exchange it for a correct/working one within 7 days of receipt from the customer, provided that the customer sends notice and returns the product within 7 days of delivery, and it is returned in mint condition and still in it’s original packaging. Shop with Dr.Eve will make a reasonable effort to exchange the product, but if replacement is not possible, Shop with Dr.Eve will supply an alternative product of the same cost and of the customers choosing.

Unopened products may be returned for credit within 5 days of receipt.

Goods used or damaged in any way except by delivery methods will not be considered for credit or replacement whatsoever.

Due to the nature of the products available on the Shop with Dr. Eve website, products can not be guaranteed in any way against damage or breakage of any kind. In the event of new goods that are defective, the rights of the Customer are limited to the Manufacturer’s guarantee of the goods supplied.

Replacement or credit is at the sole discretion of Shop with Dr. Eve.


Your privacy is paramount to Shop with Dr. Eve.

We will not divulge your personal information or orders to any unrelated third party and only Shop with Dr. Eve knows who orders what product.

All deliveries will be discreet and do not mention Dr. Eve.


Shop with Dr. Eve accepts Visa and Master Card online credit card payments.

Once you placed your order, you can enter your credit card details at our payment processor, VCS Virtual Card Services on their secure website. Shop with Dr. Eve does not have access to your credit card details and does not store them. If your credit card payment is approved by your financial institution, VCS will inform Shop with Dr. Eve instantly and your order will be marked as paid.

VCS was founded in 1996 and is one of the leading payment processors in South Africa.

If you prefer to pay the conventional way, you can also make a direct deposit in our Bank account. We will e-mail you our banking details together with the order confirmation. Please note, we can only ship your goods once your payment has been cleared in our bank account. Cheque deposit may take up to 10 days to clear.


Shop with Dr. Eve only delivers within South Africa.

Once we have received your order, your products will be sent via courier from our offices. You should receive the products within 2-3 working days of the order being placed. Please note that any deliveries to outlying areas may take an extra day or two.

Please call us on 021 439 4004 should you not receive your products within three working days after shipment. We will be able to track your shipment with our courier company.

Our courier company will only be able to deliver to street addresses. If you enter a PO Box as a delivery address we will send your shipment with the SA Post Office and it will take approximately 3-4 working days to be delivered.

Your shipment will be neutral packed and not mention “Dr. Eve” as a sender. Your privacy is guaranteed.