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    SVAKOM Judy – Powerful Anal Plug

    Elegant, smooth, seamless JUDY is one of my favourite SVAKOM products. Mostly because it does what it is says it will do: provide comfortable anal/prostate stimulation for men and g zone stimulation for women. The soft round and smooth head is designed for easy insertion and comfortability. Because it is seamless it is easy to keep clean. An essential requirement in every anal toy.

    I recommend JUDY for beginners in anal play as its small size encourages rather than intimidates, positive safe anal play.

    Be sure to add SOOTHE ANAL LUBE to your shopping cart. 

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    The G-Rider is an amazing vibrating toy guaranteed to hit the spot over and over again! Designed to send both the male and the female G-spot into overdrive, the G-rider delivers penetration and stimulation in one delicious toy.

    This is a great choice for solo or partner play! For those who want stimulation and penetration all in one quality toy, the Nexus G-rider is it! With the G-spot curve for him or her, it’s an exceptional toy that will keep either party entertained. Vibrations throb deep in the head of the toy, sending the sexy sensations along the shaft as well.

    The ergonomic shape allows for rocking motions when used solo, ensuring that the prostate will be directly stimulated and easily controlled by your movement. Highly recommended!


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    SVAKOM Bella – Anal Plug

    BELLA is the perfect anal butt plug and prostate massager! Perfect as it is small, neat, discreet, with a flexible head for use at any angle. And the twist is the ribbing… the ribbing adds on stimulation and sensations so increasing your pleasure. Both men and women enjoy BELLA for its comfortability and strong vibration modes.

    BELLA is the definite choice I recommend for people wishing to explore anal play safely and comfortably. Be sure to add ANAL LUBE & condom for added safety. 

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    SVAKOM Julie – Powerful Anal Plug with Remote Control

    JULIE is a top class anal plug, for both men and women. Its sleek, smooth and seamless material, means it is comfortable to use. JULIE is an ideal prostate massager and anal vibe for women. JULIE’s soft head makes anal insertion easy and its round head certainly  makes it more comfortable.

    Use it with or without the remote. Using the remote increases interaction and communication between you and your partner.  If playing solo, it adds convenience when you want to change modes and intensities.

    I recommend JULIE for people beginning to explore anal play as its neat small size will not be intimidating – rather exciting ! And it provides very powerful vibrations which will surprise and delight those of you who are regular anal players 🙂


    The Tano, by PicoBong, is a wonderful vibe suitable for anal/P-spot or vaginal play. Soft silicone adorns the top half while a super slick plastic base keeps things safe. Multiple vibration settings that are super quiet sets this toy apart from other comparable toys. The Tano is waterproof for fun anywhere and small enough to make traveling a breeze.
    This charismatic cutie knows a thing or two about penetrating your pleasure points. Designed to target the male G-spot, the sexy silicone Tano anal plug will stimulate his prostate in ways he’s never dreamed of. Choose from 12 sensational vibration modes all at the touch of easy to use push button controls. The Picobong Tano can even be submerged underwater for delicious aquatic anal exploits.
    Highly recommended for beginner and advanced users alike, due to the multitude of vibration settings, silky smooth silicone for easy insertion.
    • 12 Vibration Modes
    • Waterproof Up To 1 meter
    • 1 x AAA Battery
    • Male G-spot Stimulation
    • Near Silent Motor
    • Up to 2 Hours of Play
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    SVAKOM Vick – Flexible Dual Motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator

    Vick is a powerful and luxurious massager especially designed for couples. The two separate powerful motors provide internal and external intense stimulation. It is a perfect massager for G spot and clitoris as well as having the perfect angle for prostate stimulation.

    The advantage of 2 motors is that both your perineum and prostate get massaged simultaneously – or separately.

    Wonderful important flexibility allows you to bend and angle VICK according to your unique body needs.

    Vick can be used with and without the remote control. With the remote control, it will increase the interaction between couples. And it is more convenient to change modes and intensities by the remote control if you are using the product by yourself.

    I highly recommend this high #sextech toy for people who love anal play and for people who love adventurous vaginal/clitoral play.  The choices of intensity are pretty impressive – You won’t be bored! It lends itself to really erotic partner play. Indulge yourself with VICK!


  • SVAKOM Primo – Warming Plug Vibrator

    Turn on the heat with PRIMO! A medium size beautifully designed anal vibe with a remote control that ensures you have control in your – or a partner/s- hands.  Insert PRIMO into your anus or vagina, turn on the HEAT button and welcome a new intense, vibrating, heated anal or vaginal experience.

    The round and smooth design makes PRIMO comfortable to use at any angle. It’s seamless which means that it is sexually safe as there will be no skin nicks or tears and makes it easy to clean.

    I highly recommend PRIMO for experienced anal toy players as it provides a new hot experience and for newbies, it is small enough to give anal play a go 🙂  Add in anal lube for comfort and safety + condom.

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    SVAKOM Vicky – Dual Motor Vibrator Plug

    Men, VICKY is a must-have for the discerning man who enjoys safe simultaneous prostate and perineum stimulation.  it really is a luxurious vibrating plug.  Vicky offers you 7 modes with 5 levels of intensity. It has 35 different ways to take you from the beginning all the way to the end of the ultimate orgasm.

    And Ladies, you too can enjoy VICKY. Insert one part into your vagina and feel the simultaneous stimulation of VICKY on your clitoral area. It is a powerful sex toy that can be used creatively by both men and women.

    I highly recommend VICKY as a high end anal toy for men and Rabbit for women.

  • R1,577.00

    Ditto by We‑Vibe™ Plug in a new sensation. Discover the excitement of anal play with Ditto by We-Vibe™,
    a vibrating plug. Use it during foreplay or sex, the choice is yours and so is the pleasure. Ditto adds new stimulation to your intimate play during masturbation, foreplay and intercourse. Simply plug and play.


    Slim and made of smooth silicone, Ditto’s flexible neck and small size make it comfortable to wear and fun to explore with. Ditto stimulates with gentle pressure and rumbly vibrations.


    Now you can enjoy the pleasures of anal play with the added feature of rumbly vibrations. Ditto has 10+ vibration modes which can be controlled with the remote or free We-Connect™ app.




    Connect with your partner regardless of distance with the free We-Connect™ app. Easy to use, it also allows you to control each other’s We-Vibe® product in real-time. With our preset modes and the ability to create your own custom vibrations, your play will be limitless! Ditto, an experience that you’ll want to repeat.




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