Confession:  WE VIBE GALA is my personal favorite sex toy ?

    We Vibe is a reliable top of the range brand and they have once again brought out a sensible orgasm guaranteed clitoral stimulator.

    We Vibe Gala’s pleasure tips slip into your vulva and surround your clitoral area with intense targeted stimulation. The control buttons allow you to decide on the intensity you desire: either vibrate both tips together simultaneously or only one at a time.

    It is small enough to hold in your hand as you or a partner control the vibrations from the free download We – Connect App. It is Bluetooth controlled which gives you the freedom you to play wherever you wish.

    Don’t hesitate to buy this sex toy right now!



    The new We-Vibe Touch is a gorgeously sculpted, flexible and soft-to-the-touch sensual clitoral vibrator featuring a rounded tip for ultra-thrilling direct contact, and a unique pleasure wave shape that gently caresses.

    Powerful, waterproof, rechargeable and long-lasting, the We-Vibe Touch delivers 8 thrilling vibration modes and power levels (four speeds and four pulse patterns) sure to satisfy.
    Like the signature We-Vibe II, The We-Vibe Touch is designed to be shared with a partner or enjoyed alone.
    Features to look forward to:
    • 100% Waterproof, perfect for shower, bath or hot tub action!
    • Fully rechargeable
    • Discreet size makes Touch ideal for travel
    • Easy to control with simple push button control
    • Boasts a soft, flexible, comfortable body
    • Whisper quiet
    • Made of body-safe 100% medical grade silicone, phthalate-free

    100% recyclable packaging, very discreet
    • Ultimate gift of intimate pleasure – share it with your partner or enjoy it solo

    Highly recommended for women who need intense clitoral stimulation. Get yours today


  • R1,679.00

    The G-Rider is an amazing vibrating toy guaranteed to hit the spot over and over again! Designed to send both the male and the female G-spot into overdrive, the G-rider delivers penetration and stimulation in one delicious toy.

    This is a great choice for solo or partner play! For those who want stimulation and penetration all in one quality toy, the Nexus G-rider is it! With the G-spot curve for him or her, it’s an exceptional toy that will keep either party entertained. Vibrations throb deep in the head of the toy, sending the sexy sensations along the shaft as well.

    The ergonomic shape allows for rocking motions when used solo, ensuring that the prostate will be directly stimulated and easily controlled by your movement. Highly recommended!


  • -50%

    CRESCENDO by Mystery Vibe


    I am proud to introduce you to CRESCENDO, exclusive in Africa, to the DR EVE brand.  It is the World’s most technologically advanced luxury vibrator.

    CRESCENDO is the first and only pleasure toy that you can personalise to your body, moods and desires. It is the first ever non gendered toy. This means it is made for you no matter what your gender.  It is a unisex toy!  If you have a penis, wrap CRESCENDO around it.  Insert it into your vagina, anus or simultaneously enjoy penetration and clitoral /perineum play.

    R2,999.00 R1,499.50
  • SATISFYER Men Masturbator

    Join the Masturbation Revolution and buy SATISFYER MEN MASTURBATOR.

    High tech comes to men’s pleasure through this very unique male masturbator. The ergonomic design is sleek sporty and elegant.  And mostly it works to give men memorable orgasms when they play solo.

    Described as a unique sensation, a mix of vaginal and oral sex, SATISFYER MEN literally gives you the control in your own hand.

    The unique pump feature on the sides of the masturbator allows you to regulate the desired tightness and level of pressure that you want.  The innovative internal pressure regulator caters to your needs by providing a range of soft to strong negative pressure fit to your liking. The sexy effect:  the Satisfyer Men virtually engulfs your penis, bringing you to an intense climax.

    Once inside the super soft SATISFYER MEN, be surprised and thrilled with the unique air cushion that turns into a love cushion. The novel pump feature allows you to add or release air during use at the touch of  a button.  In other words, you get to create your own masturbation experience every time.


    The Tano, by PicoBong, is a wonderful vibe suitable for anal/P-spot or vaginal play. Soft silicone adorns the top half while a super slick plastic base keeps things safe. Multiple vibration settings that are super quiet sets this toy apart from other comparable toys. The Tano is waterproof for fun anywhere and small enough to make traveling a breeze.
    This charismatic cutie knows a thing or two about penetrating your pleasure points. Designed to target the male G-spot, the sexy silicone Tano anal plug will stimulate his prostate in ways he’s never dreamed of. Choose from 12 sensational vibration modes all at the touch of easy to use push button controls. The Picobong Tano can even be submerged underwater for delicious aquatic anal exploits.
    Highly recommended for beginner and advanced users alike, due to the multitude of vibration settings, silky smooth silicone for easy insertion.
    • 12 Vibration Modes
    • Waterproof Up To 1 meter
    • 1 x AAA Battery
    • Male G-spot Stimulation
    • Near Silent Motor
    • Up to 2 Hours of Play

    Sink into the plush power of Wish by We-Vibe. Experience a new sensation with our exclusive PowerPulse vibration.

    Deep satisfaction awaits you

    The soft exterior and rumbly vibrations of Wish by We-Vibe stimulate the vulva with deep sensations. Similar to a wand, Wish offers broad stimulations.

    Pushing into the product stimulates both the external and internal clitoral nerves. Wish can be enjoyed all over the body with the tapered tip used for more focused vibration.

    Wish by We-Vibe PowerPulse
  • SCREAMING O Jackits – Throttle Stroker

    A shout to men: if you want to have a different masturbation experience, if you want to keep your erection going longer during penetration, gift yourself with THROTTLE STROKER.

    THROTTLE STROKER is unique in that it is an ultra soft super – stretchy pleasure ring that stretches and stretches- and yes, it will fit even you! Feel the little bit of pressure it adds when on your penis.

    Made of body safe SEBS, it is reusable. Keep it clean with warm soapy water.

    Simply add a drop of water based lubricant inside the ring and place over your penis. The Throttle Stroker provides the extra sensations and allows you to control the pressure for just the right amount of squeeze.

    An added benefit is that you can wear the THROTTLE STROKER at the base of your penis during penetration of a partner – it’s a great way to control orgasm and prevent yourself from ejaculating faster than you would like.

    I highly recommend this for men who want to explore their sexuality, enhance their masturbation experience and even prolong their partner play.

  • G BULB

    Get lit! Get lit up! I did! I could not resist bringing you G-BULB CLITORAL WAND. It will stimulate not only your genitals but also your imagination. The unique shape and powerful vibrations takes you to places previously unimagined.

    This is high technology and gorgeous creative design at its most fun!

    G-BULB is a clitoral wand. This means that you hold the base in your hand and stimulate your many erogenous zones with the strong vibrating bulb. Powerful vibrations but silent engines.  It is not meant to be inserted into an anus nor a vagina.

    Be surprised by the powerful wand motor inside G-BULB. Do not limit yourself to use only on your vulva/clitoral area. Use it to massage your entire body, lingering on breasts, nipples and external anal area. He will thoroughly enjoy the feeling of GBULB on the shaft of his penis and his perineum, underneath his testicles.

    I recommend G-BULB for every woman who seeks the higher end of pleasure and futuristic sex. Use it alone, use it on a partner, and together with a partner/s.

  • SCREAMING O Jackits – Stroker Pad

    I want to up the masturbation game for men by introducing you to an easy discreet, new way of heightening your self pleasure time. STROKER PAD gives you what you crave – novelty.

    It is an ultra soft, fold-able, textured wrap around pad. Made from body safe SEBS and textured for your pleasure, it fits firmly into the palm of your hand and will not slip.  One side has a no slip grip which enables you to keep going for as long as you desire.  And the other side is textured for an incredibly sexy sensation.

    Add a drop of lube to increase your sensations and comfortability.

    It is waterproof and reusable.

    Affordable and reliable.

    I highly recommend this for men who want to add an edge to their masturbation sessions, either when alone or with a partner.

  • R1,577.00

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