Kegel Exercises

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    Strengthen your pleasure in comfort and style with the Bfit Classic love balls, an adaptable workout regimen designed to grow with you. The Bfit Classic includes single and dual body-safe silicone harnesses, along with two petit interchangeable silky-smooth silicone love balls.

    Find the routine that works best for you by using either the single 24g weighted silicone ball, or combine both balls for a total of 48g. Whichever routine you choose, you’ll enjoy silky body-safe silicone love balls and soft, flexible body-safe silicone harnesses.

    The Bfit Classic is waterproof and perfect for the bath or shower. Cleanup is a breeze, simply use soap and warm water and air or towel dry. Best used with a quality water-based lubricant to protect the smooth surface.




    SMARTBALLS DUO is for improving and tightening vaginal muscles and provides a simple and effective way to train the pelvic floor muscles while going about your normal daily business. Walking or climbing stairs – the effort is small, but the effect huge: a satisfying sex life for both sides.

    • training for greater sensation during sex
    • recommended by midwives and gynecologists
    • for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles
    • for stabilizing the uterus
    • velvety soft hypoallergenic silicone
    • finger hollow ‘easy-in’ as an insertion aid
    • silicone retrieval band
    • steady rotation of the balls
    • cross lines improve the surface feel
    • length of both balls: 9.5 cm
    • size ball: Ø 3.2 cm and 3.6 cm

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    The Smartballs Teneo Uno balls are great for a first timer who wants to start out with a lighter weight for strengthening and tightening vaginal muscles. The Uno ball is made from a hypoallergenic material and their stretchy silicone loop makes for easy and hygienic use. These silky-soft Smartballs have a rigid texture that give your special muscles a glorious workout!

    Smartballs is a toy which rolls around in your vagina, all day if you choose, and as it rolls it makes you smile with pleasure. However it actually is working its magic on your pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles, strengthening and tightening the muscles, all whilst offering pleasure at the same time

    Smartballs Teneo Uno, also called ben-wa balls, are primarily used for 2 things: 1) Strengthening your Kegel muscles (also called PC muscles) and 2) Feeling great! They’re lovely because they’re naughty to wear and you can feel their activity while you’re walking, shopping or at gym!


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    SVAKOM Ella

    Do you want the best #sextech fun ever? ELLA is for you! I’m so excited to introduce you to ELLA. ELLA is an innovative vibrating bullet with an App.  Just down load the SVAKOM APP to your phone, insert ELLA into your vagina and control ELLA anywhere any time. Play with different intensities via the APP. Of course you can enjoy ELLA without the APP.

    ELLA has SVAKOM intelligent features and is a perfect size with ergonomic design which means it will fit well inside your vagina and/or anus. Its ribbed design offers you better stimulation.

    Control ELLA via the buttons located on the vibrator or via the remote control.

    I recommend ELLA to women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, have stronger orgasms, enjoy partner fun as he/she/they control your orgasms via the APP or remote control.

    This is a number one sexual health – and fun – best seller – grab yours today!

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    SVAKOM Nova – Exercise Ball

    SVAKOM NOVABen Wa Balls are made of silicone which is 100% waterproof. According to the kegel exercise theory, they are designed especially to help those who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles after giving birth. Three sets of Nova balls have three gradual increased weights for different exercise needs. Effective kegel exercise helps to strengthen woman’s PC muscle, improving health while bringing sexual benefits and satisfaction. For daily exercise or postpartum recovery, SVAKOM Nova balls are the perfect choice for you.

    I so appreciate the elegance and effectiveness of NOVA. NOVA  has 3 gradual increased weights for different exercise needs.. Effective Kegel exercise helps to strengthen  a woman’s PC muscle, improving health while bringing sexual benefits and satisfaction. For daily exercise or postpartum recovery, SVAKOM Nova balls are the perfect choice for you.

    They are also the perfect choice for aging women ,  and for women who experience urinary stress and urge incontinence. I recommend NOVA highly for you!

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    Wonderlust is a new way to experience the sought after features of high-end luxury products in a more affordable way. With its superior engineering, Wonderlust is able to provide intense vibrations, water-resistant features, seductive shapes and beautiful colours opening the doors of pleasure for anyone.
    Clarity features a compact shape, which is discreet and meticulously designed. Its smooth texture gives you an incredible sensation and makes it simple to keep in place. Much like the rest of the Wonderlust collection, it is quiet, water-resistant, rechargeable and powered by PowerBullet®, which allows you to use it wherever and however inspires you.
    Wonderlust Clarity has a  smooth, velvety soft silicone finish. The bottom comes with a charging cord attachment which also doubles as a safety pull. Simply remove the cap, insert the charging cord and put the cap back on when charging is complete.

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