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    Cock rings are essential for sexual pleasure and sexual health. This cock ring is made of the finest stretchable silicone. Each one is individually packaged and can be discreetly slipped onto your erection to maintain your hardness or can be slipped on during sex play by a partner for her/his maximum pleasure.

    Why I recommend cock rings: for men who like harder than hard erections, for men who feel their erections are not so hard anymore, slip a cock ring over an erect penis during sex play and all the blood that is there will be trapped in efficiently ensuring the hardest erection you can achieve. Urologists are recommending them to men who have not so hard erections even if you are on a PDE5I such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. This cock ring is safe and effective, will stretch over any size erection and give you needed confidence. For men who are good with their erections, buy a handful of these cock rings and have great fun with a very firm fun erection.

    Buy them in handfuls. Was with warm soapy water and store in a cool place. Compatible with condoms. Go grab your handful right now from the shop!



    For all those keen to make their sexual enjoyment last longer, pjur superhero spray is our intimacy spray developed specially for men. The finely attuned ingredients of pjur superhero spray ensure longer enjoyment and can prevent premature ejaculation – without lidocaine or benzocaine! This refreshing spray enhances smoothness, while its special ingredients reduce oversensitivity on the penis. A secret tip for products in the stimulation series: pjur superhero spray is one of the top selling pjur products worldwide.

    • Delay spray for men
    • Reduces oversensitivity on the penis
    • Lidocaine- and benzocaine-free

    Application: 2 to 4 sprays per application will suffice. Spray the product first on your forearm to test for any incompatibility. Do not use in case of an allergic reaction. Do not spray on open wounds.



    Thirsting take on a whole new meaning with LID’L EXTRA penis extension. Seldom is my breath unexpectedly taken away – but experiencing the surprise of nubs, extended, thicker penis and the softness of the silicone got me to say a loud WOW! So will you. Roll the LID’L EXTRA penis extension onto your erect penis and with some added lubricant, slip it into her vagina.

    Do not feel insulted when she begs for more – it is an enhancer to your own power and penis. Highly recommended for all couples.



    Waterproof, wireless, and reusable the BIG O is the toy to just have lying around as you will want to use it : the soft gel erection band stretches to fit all sizes penises, the multi-speed bullet vibe hits your clitoral area as he thrusts and thrusts (cos he can last longer with this cock ring snugly holding in all possible blood) and you can start off slowly and then build up to a screaming O a you turn up the bullet vibe to the strength you desire, anything from 1-9. Batteries included.



    A premium vibrating  ring with super-powered bullet
    • Stretchy, comfortable erection ring
    • Removable bullet for multipurpose fun

    The O Wow vibrating ring features a super-powered bullet to give couples the ultimate intimate experience for mutual satisfaction. With extended pleasure ticklers for enhanced sensations and a stretchy, comfortable erection band, the O Wow is sure to Make Love More Fun.



    Men, I have bRought in a new COCK RING – RING O RITZ to enhance your erections and keep you hard longer. I challenge you to include one in every man’s Xmas box, Valentine’s Day and Birthday box 🙂

    RING O RITZ is a new design mega stretchy silicone penis ring.  It is reusable, soft and very comfortable to wear during partner play and solo play.  And yes, it will stretch to fit any size penis 🙂

    It is Phthlate and latex free, so happily slip on a condom and then roll fabulous new RING O RITZ ring over your penis, right to the base of your penis.

    I recommend this penis ring to men who are healthy, have naturally good erections and just want to feel fuller which you will feel as the blood gets trapped inside the penis while wearing this cock ring.  If you want to last longer, really want to be fully present while being sexual alone or with a partner, then slip RING O RITZ on. It will give you added confidence.

    For men struggling with erections, please consult with your health care provider.


    I see this product as a sexual health product- for men who really struggle with early ejaculation. I know that all men will want to use it, considering themselves early ejaculators, dissatisfied with their “performance” – and that’s your choice. Remember that lifelong early ejaculation needs to be treated by a healthcare provider. PJUR MED PROLONG SPRAY is not to be used instead of professional treatment. Prolong sprays are clinically considered to be first-line therapies – that is the first line of treatment recommended to a man and his partner presenting with a complaint of early ejaculation. If this does not work then you want to consult with a healthcare provider. PJUR MED PROLONG SPRAY is an excellent, safe product. 2-4 sprays per application are sufficient. It contains oak bark extract which has an astringent effect and in combination with panthenol, provides a soothing effect on the skin. Remember to use with a condom else you will be penetrating a numb vagina or anus as the spray rubs off on your partner. Highly recommended.



    FLESHLIGHT is a standard have-to-have male sex toy. More men are coming back into the sex toy market- for themselves, not for their women. I like that! FLESHLIGHT VIBRO is waterproof, easy to use and to clean. It will provide you with 13 hours of vibration , then you need to replace with new batteries. FLESHLIGHT are referring to VIBRO as “the next generation” of the best selling male sex toy in the world. Its a wild claim- but true.  FLESHLIGHT VIBRO, as all FLESHLIGHTS, has a unique pink touch texture designed to transfer the vibrations to each of the concentric fingers along the length of the shaft. VIBRO comes in  a gun metal case, 3 vibrating bullets and a replacement battery pack.

    I recommend this toy for every man who likes himself, masturbating, playing safely at home with his own vagina(!) rather than putting himself at risk through no condom multiple partner sex. For men who have women at home but these women may be too sick , too angry, disinterested in penetration. Buy the FLESHLIGHT VIBRO.


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    SVAKOM Judy – Powerful Anal Plug

    Elegant, smooth, seamless JUDY is one of my favourite SVAKOM products. Mostly because it does what it is says it will do: provide comfortable anal/prostate stimulation for men and g zone stimulation for women. The soft round and smooth head is designed for easy insertion and comfortability. Because it is seamless it is easy to keep clean. An essential requirement in every anal toy.

    I recommend JUDY for beginners in anal play as its small size encourages rather than intimidates, positive safe anal play.

    Be sure to add SOOTHE ANAL LUBE to your shopping cart. 


    Fleshlight Go Torque Ice is a novel fun male masturbator.  Imagine being able to see your own pleasuring.  How exciting to see your partner masturbating himself.  Admit that is a pretty novel experience!  That’s because the Fleshlight Go Torque comes in a clear case with a clear Lady Sleeve on the inside.

    If you fancy a light and compact male masturbator, FLESHLIGHT GO TORQUE ICE is the sexual health product for you. It’s a smaller more compact version of your favorite Fleshlight.  Due to the neat small size you are now able to discreetly use it wherever you go.  Single handed grip action allows for more ease and more fun. Inside the exclusive SuperSkin sleeve provides a hyper realistic feel.  And that’s what you’re chasing – the feel of a real vagina –  right?!

    It’s designed to closely resemble the real deal and gives you all the intensity you’ve come to expect from the brand. The Fleshlight Go Torque is all you need-  7-inches of thrusting pleasure. To enhance your experience I suggest you use a water based lubricant, such as Assegai or Dr Eve lube.

    I recommend this neat compact transparent Fleshlight for men who want to up their masturbatory experience, for men who enjoy self pleasuring in addition to partner sex, for men who have no partner sex , and men who love indulging in their own sexuality. Why not!?


    The G-Rider is an amazing vibrating toy guaranteed to hit the spot over and over again! Designed to send both the male and the female G-spot into overdrive, the G-rider delivers penetration and stimulation in one delicious toy.

    This is a great choice for solo or partner play! For those who want stimulation and penetration all in one quality toy, the Nexus G-rider is it! With the G-spot curve for him or her, it’s an exceptional toy that will keep either party entertained. Vibrations throb deep in the head of the toy, sending the sexy sensations along the shaft as well.

    The ergonomic shape allows for rocking motions when used solo, ensuring that the prostate will be directly stimulated and easily controlled by your movement. Highly recommended!



    This is the top of the range Fleshlight masturbation sleeve – the Vortex. For the uninformed this is a safe and sexy vagina feel for men to insert their penises into. The texture is real, as in real vagina like feeling. It gives men a true vaginal penetrative experience. I recommend this for men who love vaginas and don’t get enough of them; men who don’t have a vagina at home and men who liked to stay home and play safely. An experience I endorse, a right I believe men have, Fleshlight is for the discerning man – I urge you to get your own today.

    “Tonight I just received my new toy in the mail. I ordered it on Monday and had eagerly anticipated its arrival. It is called the Fleshlight.”

    It is very discreet in that it is packaged in a large flashlight shaped container but inside is a soft plastic/rubber sleeve. You can select from various colors and various orifice styles simulating a mouth, vagina, anus or the non-anatomical slit. I selected the slit.

    It is quite well made and heavy. I thought that might be a problem but I found out that it is a help. The case is fully 10″ long so it really can take all of most of you big guys. The sleeve removes form the case for washing. There are two caps, one at the business end that you remove when using and one at the small end that can be adjusted to provide deliciously varied amounts of suction.

    I really wanted to write to someone to tell them about it because it is incredible.



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