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    SVAKOM Leslie

    LESLIE is for the woman who wants to go all night. And it gets better as the night proceeds: LESLIE heats up providing stimulating warmth as the sexual play intensifies. LESLIE’s self heating core reaches a comfortable 38 degrees Celsius. Simply insert it inside your vagina, speed it up, intensify the action and enjoy the heat that you experience in your vagina… or in your vulva as you have the choice of using LESLIE to stimulate your clitoral area too.

    I recommend LESLIE vibrator for women who are serious about their sexual pleasure, who want to add variety to their usual vaginal or g zone vibe by experiencing the gorgeous warm heated sensations unique to this vibe.

    Women who want to  try experience vaginal orgasms should buy LESLIE as it is such a  powerful super charged vibe. Add lube into your shopping cart – just in case you want extended  comfortable fun with  LESLIE 🙂 

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    SVAKOM Judy – Powerful Anal Plug

    Elegant, smooth, seamless JUDY is one of my favourite SVAKOM products. Mostly because it does what it is says it will do: provide comfortable anal/prostate stimulation for men and g zone stimulation for women. The soft round and smooth head is designed for easy insertion and comfortability. Because it is seamless it is easy to keep clean. An essential requirement in every anal toy.

    I recommend JUDY for beginners in anal play as its small size encourages rather than intimidates, positive safe anal play.

    Be sure to add SOOTHE ANAL LUBE to your shopping cart. 

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    SVAKOM Tammy – double penetrator cock ring couple’s vibrator

    If you are someone who is an appreciator of the thrusting sexual penetration brings, I invite you to be greedy, to be demanding.

    If you are concerned about your partner being equally pleasured, if you truly want to close that orgasm gap, TAMMY must be purchased today.

    It is the latest couple’s toy, with high tech features that you have to have. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sex toy user, trust me, TAMMY is a welcome toy into your toybox.

    Come and get the full penetrative pleasure this amazing new sex toy offers you as you know that your partner is equally receiving stimulation to her clitoral area.

    TAMMY has a special double ring.

    Wrap the first ring around your testicles, and the second one around the base of your penis and intensify your experience as you delay your ejaculation and ride the bliss of orgasm.

    Whilst you thrust the textured pad stimulates and massages your female partner’s clitoral area. This is the real deal: penetration which can last longer – every man’s dream –  plus stimulation of her clitoris – every woman’s dream come true.

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    SVAKOM Nova – Exercise Ball

    SVAKOM NOVABen Wa Balls are made of silicone which is 100% waterproof. According to the kegel exercise theory, they are designed especially to help those who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles after giving birth. Three sets of Nova balls have three gradual increased weights for different exercise needs. Effective kegel exercise helps to strengthen woman’s PC muscle, improving health while bringing sexual benefits and satisfaction. For daily exercise or postpartum recovery, SVAKOM Nova balls are the perfect choice for you.

    I so appreciate the elegance and effectiveness of NOVA. NOVA  has 3 gradual increased weights for different exercise needs.. Effective Kegel exercise helps to strengthen  a woman’s PC muscle, improving health while bringing sexual benefits and satisfaction. For daily exercise or postpartum recovery, SVAKOM Nova balls are the perfect choice for you.

    They are also the perfect choice for aging women ,  and for women who experience urinary stress and urge incontinence. I recommend NOVA highly for you!

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    SVAKOM Trysta – Targeted Rolling G spot Vibrator

    TRYSTA is the Big Daddy of Rabbit Vibes!  If you are serious about your sexual pleasure and you want to really explore new sensations, I highly recommend TRYSTA.  If you appreciate beautiful and novel experiences, buy TRYSTA now. TRYSTA is a Rabbit, a toy that simultaneously and independently stimulates your vagina /g zone and clitoral area.  The UNIQUE features include:

    • A rolling head for more intense and targeted g zone and vaginal stimulation
    • Rolling tip vibrates while covering the entire G zone surface with pulsing vibrations
    • Sleek vibrating head which hits the g zone from the perfect angle
    • Easy to manouveur inside the vagina
    • The angle of the ribbed clitoral massager is smaller and flexible and the size is bigger so that it reaches the clitoral area easier
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    SVAKOM Bella – Anal Plug

    BELLA is the perfect anal butt plug and prostate massager! Perfect as it is small, neat, discreet, with a flexible head for use at any angle. And the twist is the ribbing… the ribbing adds on stimulation and sensations so increasing your pleasure. Both men and women enjoy BELLA for its comfortability and strong vibration modes.

    BELLA is the definite choice I recommend for people wishing to explore anal play safely and comfortably. Be sure to add ANAL LUBE & condom for added safety. 

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    SVAKOM Emma – Heating Wand Vibrator

    EMMA HEATING WAND is for you – a woman who wants a totally new sex toy experience. I adore EMMA! It is a clitoral stimulating wand +++.  Firstly, it has a built-in heating core so when it touches your skin, it warms to your body temperature. This gives you a feeling of warm skin on your skin as you build up sexual tension.

    Then the extra special pleasure and distinction of EMMA is revealed – place the accompanying RABBIT ears on the vibrating head of EMMA and touch your nipples with it. Separate the rabbit ears, then gently clamp the nipple of your breast. The vibration and contraction of ears bring slight tingling and amazing  feelings.

    Then bring the ears together, slowly push them into your vagina. Strong vibration and pressure from the expansion of the rabbit ears bring tremendous vaginal pleasure 🙂

     We are not yet done with EMMA …
    Turn on Emma and gently tap rabbit ears on. Separate rabbit ears , and gently clamp them on his penis. Watch his face as surprise explodes into orgasm as he feels the vibration and contraction of the pressure of the rabbit ears.

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    SVAKOM Anya – Powerful Warming Vibtrator

    ANYA has so much to offer.  Touch it on your body and it will heat up so adding extra heat sensations and realistic skin sensations to your sex play. The ribbed design enhances stimulation and sensation. The medium size makes it convenient to hold and to use. And there’s more: ANYA can be used to stimulate your clitoral area as well as for vaginal penetration.

    I really like ANYA as it is a basic #101 vibrator – yet it has so many additional interesting features. I highly recommend it for women who like strong powerful vibrations – with a twist of added heat and ribbing. 

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    SVAKOM Daisy – Powerful Mini Vibrator

    Chic, elegant, so slim & petite, DAISY is a powerful clitoral vibe. One single button makes it so easy to use and due to its small neat size, its perfect to access your pleasure alone or during partner play and intercourse.

    I highly recommend DAISY for beginners as it is simple to use, so uncomplicated and unintimidating. Yet it has very powerful vibrations that will give you good results, namely pleasure and orgasm.

    And for you women who want a quick orgasm, DAISY is your girlfriend 🙂

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    SVAKOM Julie – Powerful Anal Plug with Remote Control

    JULIE is a top class anal plug, for both men and women. Its sleek, smooth and seamless material, means it is comfortable to use. JULIE is an ideal prostate massager and anal vibe for women. JULIE’s soft head makes anal insertion easy and its round head certainly  makes it more comfortable.

    Use it with or without the remote. Using the remote increases interaction and communication between you and your partner.  If playing solo, it adds convenience when you want to change modes and intensities.

    I recommend JULIE for people beginning to explore anal play as its neat small size will not be intimidating – rather exciting ! And it provides very powerful vibrations which will surprise and delight those of you who are regular anal players 🙂

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    SVAKOM Barbara – Dual Motor Ultra Soft Vibrator

    BARBARA is just a gorgeous ribbed soft skin like feel Rabbit vibe. Its medium size is perfect for women who just don’t like very large size dildos or penises inside their vaginas!

    Look carefully at the uniqueness of BARBARA: it is designed with three ribs at the vibrating head. This is where the magic happens > the ribbing increases the friction with your vagina and thus enhances your sensations.  It is equipped with two high frequency powerful motors, which will enable you to stimulate your vagina and clitoral area separately as well as simultaneously. You hold the power in your hands!

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    SVAKOM Vick – Flexible Dual Motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator

    Vick is a powerful and luxurious massager especially designed for couples. The two separate powerful motors provide internal and external intense stimulation. It is a perfect massager for G spot and clitoris as well as having the perfect angle for prostate stimulation.

    The advantage of 2 motors is that both your perineum and prostate get massaged simultaneously – or separately.

    Wonderful important flexibility allows you to bend and angle VICK according to your unique body needs.

    Vick can be used with and without the remote control. With the remote control, it will increase the interaction between couples. And it is more convenient to change modes and intensities by the remote control if you are using the product by yourself.

    I highly recommend this high #sextech toy for people who love anal play and for people who love adventurous vaginal/clitoral play.  The choices of intensity are pretty impressive – You won’t be bored! It lends itself to really erotic partner play. Indulge yourself with VICK!



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