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    SVAKOM Ella

    Do you want the best #sextech fun ever? ELLA is for you! I’m so excited to introduce you to ELLA. ELLA is an innovative vibrating bullet with an App.  Just down load the SVAKOM APP to your phone, insert ELLA into your vagina and control ELLA anywhere any time. Play with different intensities via the APP. Of course you can enjoy ELLA without the APP.

    ELLA has SVAKOM intelligent features and is a perfect size with ergonomic design which means it will fit well inside your vagina and/or anus. Its ribbed design offers you better stimulation.

    Control ELLA via the buttons located on the vibrator or via the remote control.

    I recommend ELLA to women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, have stronger orgasms, enjoy partner fun as he/she/they control your orgasms via the APP or remote control.

    This is a number one sexual health – and fun – best seller – grab yours today!

  • SVAKOM Primo – Warming Plug Vibrator

    Turn on the heat with PRIMO! A medium size beautifully designed anal vibe with a remote control that ensures you have control in your – or a partner/s- hands.  Insert PRIMO into your anus or vagina, turn on the HEAT button and welcome a new intense, vibrating, heated anal or vaginal experience.

    The round and smooth design makes PRIMO comfortable to use at any angle. It’s seamless which means that it is sexually safe as there will be no skin nicks or tears and makes it easy to clean.

    I highly recommend PRIMO for experienced anal toy players as it provides a new hot experience and for newbies, it is small enough to give anal play a go 🙂  Add in anal lube for comfort and safety + condom.

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    SVAKOM Bonnie – Double Pleasure Vibrator

    Explore your limits with BONNIE! I dare you! Outstanding unique toy that really has it all. It has 2 different head sizes, with 2 strong dual motors. Here is how you use BONNIE: the smaller head is super flexible which means that you can adjust it just for your needs. Insert it into your vagina for deep super strong vibrations and pulsations.  It’s so great to explore yourself with this flexible smaller head! Use the big head for nipple and clitoral stimulation, for teasing yourself intelligently to orgasms.

    I recommend BONNIE to women who are adventurous, women who long to break bad and really explore their sexuality. Because the motors are so strong, BONNIE is a great toy for women who need a libido kick start!

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    SVAKOM Candy – Kissing Fish Mouth

    Oh wow! CANDY, and COOKIE are unlike any other sex toys currently on the market. They are made specifically for FOREPLAY. I prefer calling it SEX PLAY. This is the stuff that gets forgotten, that needs to happen before a woman can build up to becoming orgasmic.  Use CANDY and COOKIE to stimulate & tease your outer lips, caress your nipples, tease your clitoris.

    COOKIE and CANDY close that ORGASM GAP: since it takes women 20-30 minutes to become orgasmic and men an average of 5 minutes, women give up having a partner orgasm- and dissatisfaction results. Carry CANDY and COOKIE with you – just in case 🙂

    CANDY and COOKIE feel super soft, flesh like texture and the powerful motors are programmed to mimic the most realistic sensations you want. You seriously have to own CANDY & COOKIE!

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    SVAKOM Vicky – Dual Motor Vibrator Plug

    Men, VICKY is a must-have for the discerning man who enjoys safe simultaneous prostate and perineum stimulation.  it really is a luxurious vibrating plug.  Vicky offers you 7 modes with 5 levels of intensity. It has 35 different ways to take you from the beginning all the way to the end of the ultimate orgasm.

    And Ladies, you too can enjoy VICKY. Insert one part into your vagina and feel the simultaneous stimulation of VICKY on your clitoral area. It is a powerful sex toy that can be used creatively by both men and women.

    I highly recommend VICKY as a high end anal toy for men and Rabbit for women.


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