Clitoral Wand Vibrators


    Be thrilled, be exhilarated. B Swish brings you the Bthrilled Classic, a powerful, pleasure-inducing wand massager ready for waterproof fun. Savor the silky-smooth silicone massage head and find pleasure with 5 rumbly massage functions. With endless possibilities, let your or a partner’s imagination run wild!

    The Bthrilled Classic is a powerhouse of pleasure wrapped in a sleek and manageable package. Use the ergonomically designed handle to easily target your sweet spot, while the broad, silky-smooth silicone head envelopes you in 5-functions of rumbly, powerful vibrations. Cycle through the functions with the click of a single button, which is lit up by a gentle white light for easy play in the dark.

    Made from hygienic nonporous silicone, this 100% body friendly material is amazingly sensual to touch, warms quickly to match body heat while offering a silky glide. Use a quality, water-based lube with the Bthrilled Classic and clean simply with soap and warm water.




    The Best Selling Massage Wand Is Now Cordless & Rechargeable!
    The PalmPower has been a favourite among customers around the world since it came. We are so excited about the newest edition, the PalmPower Recharge which has all the power of the original in a cordless, USB rechargeable version!
    The PalmPower Recharge is presented in a slim, informative box. Included in the box is the PalmPower Recharge, an instruction manual and a 40″ USB recharging cord.
    Unlike the Original PalmPower, the PalmPower Recharge does not need to be plugged in to work giving you more freedom than ever before. Simply press the pin into the bottom of the PalmPower Recharge, let it completely charge, unplug it and hold on!
    The PalmPower Recharge has a black handle with vibrant fuchsia silicone caps and neck.
    “PalmPower Recharge ~ Our most loved wand is now rechargeable”

    The Mini Swan Wand is a luxurious compact vibe gaining its inspiration from the mega successful Swan Wand. Beautiful in design, extraordinary in power, the Mini Swan Wand is perfect for someone on the go who loves to be naughty & adventurous. It also looks amazing on your night stand awaiting your every desire.

    The Mini Swan Wand is virtually seamless with a 100% silicone finish. It’s smooth, soft and waterproof for a luxurious feel like none other.

    If you’re looking for the perfect combination of compact power and fun, the Mini Swan Wand features an incredible PowerBullet motor using Swan’s well-known “Press & Hold” controls.

    For portability and convenience, the Mini Swan Wand has a travel lock and is charged using a USB cord. Simply disconnect it when the charge is complete and it’s ready for use.



    I love Wands! They are so easy to use and pack a punch… right there… in your clitoral area. I bring you PILLOW TALK CHEEKY WAND.  

    PILLOW TALK CHEEKY WAND has a great grip that allows you to comfortably explore your clitoral area while you push the crystal control button to whatever intensity you desire.   Place the head of the wand between your vulva lips and move it around your clitoral area.  Very intense vibrations are possible with this vibe so tease yourself gently into orgasms.

    I recommend this for women who are ready to have clitoral orgasms and not yet had this experience, for women on antidepressants and cancer survivors. And for you, the woman who is curious, and you, the woman who is looking to add to partner play. It’s an affordable way to become orgasmic 🙂

    Body safe Silicone


    Rechargeable with USB

    8 inches x 1.5 inches

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    SVAKOM Mini Emma – Ultra Soft Vibrator

    Don’t be fooled by the size of MINI EMMA WAND VIBRATOR – It packs a punch! I recommend this beautiful smooth wand for women who prefer medium or small size wands.

    The flexible vibrating head is just fantastic as it allows you to use it at any angle you desire, and so take charge as you place it on your own clitoral/vulva area. Only you know what kind of pressure and placing you require in the moment. Place the wand where you want it, and it will bend accordingly.  It is so guaranteed to bring you to orgasm – as many times as you wish 🙂


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    SVAKOM Emma – Heating Wand Vibrator

    EMMA HEATING WAND is for you – a woman who wants a totally new sex toy experience. I adore EMMA! It is a clitoral stimulating wand +++.  Firstly, it has a built-in heating core so when it touches your skin, it warms to your body temperature. This gives you a feeling of warm skin on your skin as you build up sexual tension.

    Then the extra special pleasure and distinction of EMMA is revealed – place the accompanying RABBIT ears on the vibrating head of EMMA and touch your nipples with it. Separate the rabbit ears, then gently clamp the nipple of your breast. The vibration and contraction of ears bring slight tingling and amazing  feelings.

    Then bring the ears together, slowly push them into your vagina. Strong vibration and pressure from the expansion of the rabbit ears bring tremendous vaginal pleasure 🙂

     We are not yet done with EMMA …
    Turn on Emma and gently tap rabbit ears on. Separate rabbit ears , and gently clamp them on his penis. Watch his face as surprise explodes into orgasm as he feels the vibration and contraction of the pressure of the rabbit ears.

  • G BULB

    Get lit! Get lit up! I did! I could not resist bringing you G-BULB CLITORAL WAND. It will stimulate not only your genitals but also your imagination. The unique shape and powerful vibrations takes you to places previously unimagined.

    This is high technology and gorgeous creative design at its most fun!

    G-BULB is a clitoral wand. This means that you hold the base in your hand and stimulate your many erogenous zones with the strong vibrating bulb. Powerful vibrations but silent engines.  It is not meant to be inserted into an anus nor a vagina.

    Be surprised by the powerful wand motor inside G-BULB. Do not limit yourself to use only on your vulva/clitoral area. Use it to massage your entire body, lingering on breasts, nipples and external anal area. He will thoroughly enjoy the feeling of GBULB on the shaft of his penis and his perineum, underneath his testicles.

    I recommend G-BULB for every woman who seeks the higher end of pleasure and futuristic sex. Use it alone, use it on a partner, and together with a partner/s.

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    SVAKOM Bonnie – Double Pleasure Vibrator

    Explore your limits with BONNIE! I dare you! Outstanding unique toy that really has it all. It has 2 different head sizes, with 2 strong dual motors. Here is how you use BONNIE: the smaller head is super flexible which means that you can adjust it just for your needs. Insert it into your vagina for deep super strong vibrations and pulsations.  It’s so great to explore yourself with this flexible smaller head! Use the big head for nipple and clitoral stimulation, for teasing yourself intelligently to orgasms.

    I recommend BONNIE to women who are adventurous, women who long to break bad and really explore their sexuality. Because the motors are so strong, BONNIE is a great toy for women who need a libido kick start!


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