G-zone Vibrators


    Curvy teaser and G-Spot pleaser

    Finder, teaser and pleaser of the coveted G-Spot, Moka is the two-in-one answer to your pleasure prayers. Featuring a dynamic curve and flattened top, flip the tip at any time to transfer those good vibrations from C-Spot to G-Spot.


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    SVAKOM Amy – G spot vibrator

    AMY’s small size makes it an appealing G Zone Vibrator for beginners who want to explore the potential of their G Zone area. It is designed with a slight curve which makes it easier for you to locate that erogenous area – that just might get you to gush J AMY easily transitions from vibration to pulsation, a pure pleasure experience, one that you control by pushing the two simple control buttons.

    I highly recommend AMY for women of all ages who want a neat handy G Zone vibrator.

    The very strong pulsations and vibrations of all SVAKOM products convinced me to partner with SVAKOM as I am committed to women and men of all stages, ages, ability and disability, illness, wellness, having the right to experience sexual pleasure and orgasms.

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    SVAKOM Leslie

    LESLIE is for the woman who wants to go all night. And it gets better as the night proceeds: LESLIE heats up providing stimulating warmth as the sexual play intensifies. LESLIE’s self heating core reaches a comfortable 38 degrees Celsius. Simply insert it inside your vagina, speed it up, intensify the action and enjoy the heat that you experience in your vagina… or in your vulva as you have the choice of using LESLIE to stimulate your clitoral area too.

    I recommend LESLIE vibrator for women who are serious about their sexual pleasure, who want to add variety to their usual vaginal or g zone vibe by experiencing the gorgeous warm heated sensations unique to this vibe.

    Women who want to  try experience vaginal orgasms should buy LESLIE as it is such a  powerful super charged vibe. Add lube into your shopping cart – just in case you want extended  comfortable fun with  LESLIE 🙂 

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    SVAKOM Sara – Mini G Spot Massager

    SARA is one of my most favorite SVAKOM products: it is so sensible to the needs of a woman as it has a flexible head.  Each woman knows (or wants to learn) her unique pleasure needs each day, each moment of sexual play, and SARA gives her this opportunity. SARA has a flexible vibrating head so you can place it wherever you want and SARA will bend to fulfil your needs.

    SARA is petite and discreet and will travel everywhere with you. Use SARA for clitoral play and of course for G Zone play. One single easy to use button provides you with strong vibrations.

    I recommend SARA for women to use as a DILATOR if you are menopausal, struggling with vaginal atrophy or find your vagina is just too tight for penetration, using SARA daily with a water based lube, will make magic happen to your vagina – and strengthen your orgasms.


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