CRESCENDO by Mystery Vibe

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I am proud to introduce you to CRESCENDO, exclusive in Africa, to the DR EVE brand.  It is the World’s most technologically advanced luxury vibrator.

CRESCENDO is the first and only pleasure toy that you can personalise to your body, moods and desires. It is the first ever non gendered toy. This means it is made for you no matter what your gender.  It is a unisex toy!  If you have a penis, wrap CRESCENDO around it.  Insert it into your vagina, anus or simultaneously enjoy penetration and clitoral /perineum play.

In stock

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CRESCENDO is designed to be all about you – Simply bend CRESCENDO with your hands to take any shape your body desires. It is made from premium body-safe silicone and needs warm soapy water to keep it clean.

Use it alone or with a partner.

This is the only sex toy with 6 powerful motors.  That means you are sure to have orgasms – yes, multiple ones if you choose.

I have imported CRESCENDO in just for you, for every man and woman, who wants to explore and expand their range of sexuality and pleasure.

I recommend that you own CRESCENDO. Step up your sexual health and pleasure through this amazing new technology that offers you unlimited possibilities.

Download the MYSTERYVIBE APP in Apple and Google App stores. Find your favourite vibes and create a pleasure playlist, lie back and enjoy. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and turn on CRESCENDO. The App will find and automatically connect you to your CRESCENDO.

CRESCENDO is so simple to operate.

It has 6 powerful motors

It is wireless charging

Whisper Quiet


Watch this video to get a good idea of how to get the most out of your CRESCENDO.