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GPLUG BIOSKIN is a got to have anal plug. Brand new on the market this is the first anal plug in the world made of bioskin. Bioskin material means it feels like real skin… as close to flesh -on -flesh as you can get – even with the required condom. It is designed for you.. for you because you want to wear a buttplug all day, or only during sexual play, whatever.

GPLUG BIOSKIN ensures your total comfort. The blunted point makes insertion so easy and painfree. The base is flat so you can sit, stand, run, with it , basically keep it inside you all day. By far this brand new toy is  going to be the most popular buttplug on the market!


  • Powerful but quiet motors
  • Six vibration modes with changeable intensity – fro light tremors to intense vibration – you are in charge of your own orgasms.
  • Premium class hypoallergenic silky smooth silicone
  • Made of revolutionary Bioskin material
  • 4 hours of fun
  • Splashproof (use it in water if you like)
  • Magnetic charger.
  • No cord
  • Size: 3.9cm (1.54in)

I RECOMMEND this anal plug for couples and individuals who are curious about anal play and do not know where to begin. The shape, bioskin texture and small size ensures a confident pain free anal experience. Use it together with SOOTHE ANAL LUBE.

I invite you to buy GPLUG BIOSKIN as a great investment into your sexual health and pleasure. It really is the top new safe and utter fun way to anal play

I highly recommend this top class anal plug!