SVAKOM Cookie – Three Massaging Tentacles


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Oh wow! COOKIE, and CANDY are unlike any other sex toys currently on the market. They are made specifically for FOREPLAY. I prefer calling it SEX PLAY. This is the stuff that gets forgotten, that needs to happen before a woman can build up to becoming orgasmic.  Use CANDY and COOKIE to stimulate & tease your outer lips, caress your nipples, tease your clitoris.

COOKIE and CANDY close that ORGASM GAP: since it takes women 20-30 minutes to become orgasmic and men an average of 5 minutes, women give up having a partner orgasm- and dissatisfaction results. Carry CANDY  and COOKIE with you – just in case 🙂

CANDY and COOKIE feel super soft, flesh like texture and the powerful motors are programmed to mimic the most realistic sensations you want. You seriously have to own CANDY & COOKIE!

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  • Svakom Intelligent Mode
  • Waterproof
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Rechargeable
  • Ultra soft Silicone Material
  • Eco friendly silicone
  • Ultra soft silicone
  • Size: 42mm 96mm
  • Vibrations modes: 3
  • Intensities: 3
  • Maximum continuous use : 1 hour
  • Powerful high frequency motor

I am delighted to announce my new partnership with SVAKOM.

SVAKOM, an award winning company, was founded in 2012, and is a world-renowned high-end brand designed to provide a high-quality sexual lifestyle for users like you, around the world.

The INTELLIGENT MODE feature in each toy is so unique:

Intelligent Mode function allows you to make love to yourself, alone or with a partner/s present, by replicating what women most want: a slow build up with slow pulses, a lovely lingering in a long arousal stage as the pulsing becomes more intense, teasing yourself for as long as you need and want, and then ecstatically pulsing yourself into climax and multiple orgasms. Each toy comes with a  large variety of vibration and  pulsating options.

I know you will want to fill your toy box with a variety of SVAKOM products from my store.  The choice is astounding! Enjoy!



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