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    Labelled as a Luxury, Non-Tacky Water based lube, the creators of Liquid Silk have hit the nail square on the head. They have managed to create a water based lube without glycerin (so it won’t get sticky) that leaves your skin feeling soft and wonderful after you’ve used it. It’s touch sensitive as well and reduces skin breakage.

    Liquid Silk feels silky to the touch, does not get sticky, and moisturizes and replenishes your vagina. Water-based and without glycerin, it will not promote or feed a yeast infection. This is an excellent choice for women who are experiencing vaginal dryness due to breastfeeding, menopause, cancer as it moisturizes the tissues as well as lubricates them. Unique advantage of Liquid Silk: For women who struggle with severe dryness. Convenient pump action mechanism makes using Liquid Silk  sensible no mess no fuss. The large size  bottle ensures you never run out of lube.



    I am so excited and proud to present you Dr. Eve Lube: It has been specially formulated to increase intimate and sensual pleasure. Smooth and silky texture enhances an arousing slide and glide effect ensuring enhanced experience.

    I am so excited and proud to present you Dr. Eve Lube: It has been specially formulated to increase intimate and sensual pleasure. Smooth and silky texture enhances an arousing slide and glide effect ensuring enhanced experience.

    Dr. Eve Lube is:

    • Water based
    • PH balanced
    • Non-toxic
    • Washes off easily
    • Oil and fat free
    • Not tested on animals
    • Safe for use with condoms and latex
    • Odour and perfume free
    • Dr. Eve Lube is great to use with your toy, with a partner or on your own! A must have with every order!




    Vaginal health is a new and important discussion. Considering that 30% of women experience unwanted vulvovaginal pain during sex through life, and largely do not communicate this to a partner, it is important to talk about it. Since 43% of women have no desire for sex, non hormonal products, potions and lotions are on the market to enable women to feel desire, aroused and even orgasmic. Zestra is an exciting and integral part of my Vaginal Renewal Program. This program consists of highly rated, safe and effective products I have sourced internationally. Zestra is an oil based topically applied blend of botanical oils and extracts.. It is one of the few over the counter oils that has been tested in clinical trials with results published in academic journals. Zestra was clinically proven to increase desire, arousal and satisfaction in women. Zestra is hormone free so it is safe for all women to use. Using Zestra on your clitoral and vulva area brings you arousal, deep, pleasurable sensations. Apply Zestra to your clitoral and vulva area, The Zestra rush begins within 3-5 minutes and lasts up to 45 minutes. Blow, rub, stimulate the entire vulva area once Zestra applied and enjoy the warm, engorging feelings. Zestra is available in sachets and in a pump bottle. Use together with Zestra Glide, a water based lubricant. It is safe to use Zestra with silicone sex toys. Since Zestra is oil based it is not safe to use with latex condoms. Be sure to wipe off Zestra , apply condom and lube for safe penetration. Highly recommended for all women: women who want to feel the extra desire and sensation in their vulva region; women who have vulvovaginal atrophy, peri-post menopausal women; women on medications and women on cancer treatment.



    Cock rings are essential for sexual pleasure and sexual health. This cock ring is made of the finest stretchable silicone. Each one is individually packaged and can be discreetly slipped onto your erection to maintain your hardness or can be slipped on during sex play by a partner for her/his maximum pleasure.

    Why I recommend cock rings: for men who like harder than hard erections, for men who feel their erections are not so hard anymore, slip a cock ring over an erect penis during sex play and all the blood that is there will be trapped in efficiently ensuring the hardest erection you can achieve. Urologists are recommending them to men who have not so hard erections even if you are on a PDE5I such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. This cock ring is safe and effective, will stretch over any size erection and give you needed confidence. For men who are good with their erections, buy a handful of these cock rings and have great fun with a very firm fun erection.

    Buy them in handfuls. Was with warm soapy water and store in a cool place. Compatible with condoms. Go grab your handful right now from the shop!




    Wonderlust is a new way to experience the sought after features of high-end luxury products in a more affordable way. With its superior engineering, Wonderlust is able to provide intense vibrations, water-resistant features, seductive shapes and beautiful colours opening the doors of pleasure for anyone.
    Serenity is sensually shaped with just the right curve for perfect G-Spot pleasure. Its body is slightly flexible, but firm enough for you to apply the pressure that is right for you. An oval ridge wraps around the body, which gives an amazing sensation with each movement. Serenity features a quiet PowerBullet® vibration, is water-resistant and rechargeable for use almost anywhere you feel.
    Wonderlust Serenity has a smooth, velvety soft silicone finish. The firm handle also has a light-up silicone button which controls the on/off feature and all vibration functions.
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    I simply cannot resist WOMANIZER products! 

    WOMANIZER LIBERTY is the latest arrival into my store.  It is part of their newly launched collection in the fabulous Womanizer range of clitoral vibrators.

    The Womanizer range has the unique Pleasure Air Technology. The patented Pleasure Air Technology serves a touchless delight: Pleasant suction and gentle massaging air waves lead to a completely new kind of orgasmic experience.

    I call it a Vacuum Pump Action as it suctions up your clitoral area as you place it in your vulva area. The Womanizer LIBERTY encloses your clitoris without touching it, whilst stimulating it via soft pressure waves. Try it for yourself!

    By opening up your vulva lips, and placing it over your clitoral area, you can lie back (or stand up) and let the toy do the work for you.  Orgasms happen so easily and so very quickly, you’ll want more and more. You’re in control of the 6 intensity levels, going from super soft to super power mode.

    LIBERTY is a clitoral vacuum pump vibrator. It sends waves of pleasure directed across your clitoral area.  Try it out to see for yourself how very different this feels from regular vibrators that vibrate.  You will experience gentle suction and vibrations that lead you to a new kind of orgasm.

    LIBERTY is beautifully and elegantly packaged in its own case. It’s your ideal  discreet  and very hygienic travel companion. Choose from one of the 3 soft colours giving it that extra touch of class.

    Because it fits into the palm of your hand you can use it during penetration and other forms of partner play.  It’s a great toy for women of all ages, especially older women who need extra va voom as well as cancer survivors and women on antidepressants who need extra strength stimulation . If you’re a little sex toy shy, LIBERTY will liberate you from any inhibitions. It is easy to use, easy to clean (soap and water) and guaranteed to give you orgasms.

    • USB charged
    • Size: 85mm x 50mm x 60mm
    • Splashproof
    • 120 minutes of non-stop pleasure
    • Silent

    Extra stimulation head in a  bigger size, as each woman’s clitoris requires a different size stimulator.

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    Assegai is a true South African product. Manufactured in Cape Town, Assegai is an oil free water based lubricant useful for all kinds of consensual sexual play. It comes in a 125 ml beautifully packaged bottle with a useful flip top lid for easy in-the-moment use. I recommend this very affordable lube for solo play and for partner play.

    Remember that a little goes a long way and of course ASSEGAI is condom compatible. Perfume and taste free thus limiting possibility of infections. A safe, slippery, fab water based lubricant.



    For all those keen to make their sexual enjoyment last longer, pjur superhero spray is our intimacy spray developed specially for men. The finely attuned ingredients of pjur superhero spray ensure longer enjoyment and can prevent premature ejaculation – without lidocaine or benzocaine! This refreshing spray enhances smoothness, while its special ingredients reduce oversensitivity on the penis. A secret tip for products in the stimulation series: pjur superhero spray is one of the top selling pjur products worldwide.

    • Delay spray for men
    • Reduces oversensitivity on the penis
    • Lidocaine- and benzocaine-free

    Application: 2 to 4 sprays per application will suffice. Spray the product first on your forearm to test for any incompatibility. Do not use in case of an allergic reaction. Do not spray on open wounds.



    Strengthen your pleasure in comfort and style with the Bfit Classic love balls, an adaptable workout regimen designed to grow with you. The Bfit Classic includes single and dual body-safe silicone harnesses, along with two petit interchangeable silky-smooth silicone love balls.

    Find the routine that works best for you by using either the single 24g weighted silicone ball, or combine both balls for a total of 48g. Whichever routine you choose, you’ll enjoy silky body-safe silicone love balls and soft, flexible body-safe silicone harnesses.

    The Bfit Classic is waterproof and perfect for the bath or shower. Cleanup is a breeze, simply use soap and warm water and air or towel dry. Best used with a quality water-based lubricant to protect the smooth surface.




    The water-based premium lubricant in the pjur line was developed specially for women and the needs of female skin. In addition to the flawless glide properties, pjur Woman Aqua is moisturizing, thereby providing excellent care for dry, damaged skin – and not only in the intimate areas.
    As water is fully absorbed by the skin, pjur Woman Aqua leaves behind a very pleasant overall feeling without getting sticky or tacky. pjur Aqua will be a boon when your skin / mucous membrane in the intimate area of the body has an extra need of moisture because of hormonal imbalances, stress or menopause. You can use it daily without any problem, and boost your entire personal and intimate well-being with just a few drops. The lubricant contains no oils, fats or perfumes and is thus fully skin and mucous membrane compatible.  In addition, pjur Woman Aqua is ideal for use with erotic toys.  It can be washed off easily and is guaranteed not to stick.
    A premium product for an extra portion of well-being especially for HER!

    • Moisturizing and caring
    • Intensive gliding properties
    • Without perfumes and taste neutral

    Be thrilled, be exhilarated. B Swish brings you the Bthrilled Classic, a powerful, pleasure-inducing wand massager ready for waterproof fun. Savor the silky-smooth silicone massage head and find pleasure with 5 rumbly massage functions. With endless possibilities, let your or a partner’s imagination run wild!

    The Bthrilled Classic is a powerhouse of pleasure wrapped in a sleek and manageable package. Use the ergonomically designed handle to easily target your sweet spot, while the broad, silky-smooth silicone head envelopes you in 5-functions of rumbly, powerful vibrations. Cycle through the functions with the click of a single button, which is lit up by a gentle white light for easy play in the dark.

    Made from hygienic nonporous silicone, this 100% body friendly material is amazingly sensual to touch, warms quickly to match body heat while offering a silky glide. Use a quality, water-based lube with the Bthrilled Classic and clean simply with soap and warm water.



    Discover G-Spot Stimulating Gel contains a blend of certified organic extracts, peppermint oil blended with L-Arginine. This unique formula increases the size and the sensitivity of the G-zone making it easy to find. Included is their Intimate Oganics Guide to the G-Spot. Intimate Organics™ products do NOT contain Menthol. Harmless, playful, experimental try out DISCOVER G SPOT GEL.

    I recommend this for women who need extra vaginal sensation, who want to feel the possibility of vaginal/g zone orgasm. Having said that DISCOVER will in no way guarantee you a vaginal orgasm. It will give you an excited aroused feeling in your vagina- as well as in your mind.  The combination of expectation and the real increase in vaginal sensation should be interesting for you…
    Try it out for yourself.


    Waterproof, wireless, and reusable the BIG O is the toy to just have lying around as you will want to use it : the soft gel erection band stretches to fit all sizes penises, the multi-speed bullet vibe hits your clitoral area as he thrusts and thrusts (cos he can last longer with this cock ring snugly holding in all possible blood) and you can start off slowly and then build up to a screaming O a you turn up the bullet vibe to the strength you desire, anything from 1-9. Batteries included.



    A premium vibrating  ring with super-powered bullet
    • Stretchy, comfortable erection ring
    • Removable bullet for multipurpose fun

    The O Wow vibrating ring features a super-powered bullet to give couples the ultimate intimate experience for mutual satisfaction. With extended pleasure ticklers for enhanced sensations and a stretchy, comfortable erection band, the O Wow is sure to Make Love More Fun.




    The Best Selling Massage Wand Is Now Cordless & Rechargeable!
    The PalmPower has been a favourite among customers around the world since it came. We are so excited about the newest edition, the PalmPower Recharge which has all the power of the original in a cordless, USB rechargeable version!
    The PalmPower Recharge is presented in a slim, informative box. Included in the box is the PalmPower Recharge, an instruction manual and a 40″ USB recharging cord.
    Unlike the Original PalmPower, the PalmPower Recharge does not need to be plugged in to work giving you more freedom than ever before. Simply press the pin into the bottom of the PalmPower Recharge, let it completely charge, unplug it and hold on!
    The PalmPower Recharge has a black handle with vibrant fuchsia silicone caps and neck.
    “PalmPower Recharge ~ Our most loved wand is now rechargeable”


    Wonderlust is a new way to experience the sought after features of high-end luxury products in a more affordable way. With its superior engineering, Wonderlust is able to provide intense vibrations, water-resistant features, seductive shapes and beautiful colours opening the doors of pleasure for anyone.
    Clarity features a compact shape, which is discreet and meticulously designed. Its smooth texture gives you an incredible sensation and makes it simple to keep in place. Much like the rest of the Wonderlust collection, it is quiet, water-resistant, rechargeable and powered by PowerBullet®, which allows you to use it wherever and however inspires you.
    Wonderlust Clarity has a  smooth, velvety soft silicone finish. The bottom comes with a charging cord attachment which also doubles as a safety pull. Simply remove the cap, insert the charging cord and put the cap back on when charging is complete.

    Men, I have bRought in a new COCK RING – RING O RITZ to enhance your erections and keep you hard longer. I challenge you to include one in every man’s Xmas box, Valentine’s Day and Birthday box 🙂

    RING O RITZ is a new design mega stretchy silicone penis ring.  It is reusable, soft and very comfortable to wear during partner play and solo play.  And yes, it will stretch to fit any size penis 🙂

    It is Phthlate and latex free, so happily slip on a condom and then roll fabulous new RING O RITZ ring over your penis, right to the base of your penis.

    I recommend this penis ring to men who are healthy, have naturally good erections and just want to feel fuller which you will feel as the blood gets trapped inside the penis while wearing this cock ring.  If you want to last longer, really want to be fully present while being sexual alone or with a partner, then slip RING O RITZ on. It will give you added confidence.

    For men struggling with erections, please consult with your health care provider.


    I see this product as a sexual health product- for men who really struggle with early ejaculation. I know that all men will want to use it, considering themselves early ejaculators, dissatisfied with their “performance” – and that’s your choice. Remember that lifelong early ejaculation needs to be treated by a healthcare provider. PJUR MED PROLONG SPRAY is not to be used instead of professional treatment. Prolong sprays are clinically considered to be first-line therapies – that is the first line of treatment recommended to a man and his partner presenting with a complaint of early ejaculation. If this does not work then you want to consult with a healthcare provider. PJUR MED PROLONG SPRAY is an excellent, safe product. 2-4 sprays per application are sufficient. It contains oak bark extract which has an astringent effect and in combination with panthenol, provides a soothing effect on the skin. Remember to use with a condom else you will be penetrating a numb vagina or anus as the spray rubs off on your partner. Highly recommended.



    Pjur Bodyglide Silicone Lube

    I am excited to carry the PJUR range. Its high quality silicone lubricant ensures long lasting pleasure for women and their partners. I highly recommend this lube for women who have pain with penetration, women going through menopause and struggle with dry vaginas.

    Women who are on medication that dries them out will benefit superbly well using PJUR on the outside of their vagina and his penis before penetration. Highly recommended to do hand jobs on men – its smooth silky feel will keep any man in your hands forever.


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    Couples like to play together. They often feel more comfortable using a toy together. I searched for a toy that would give you hands free couple fun, that will be easy to use, and do away with the awkwardness of only one of you having an orgasm. Enter WE VIBE UNITE.

    Slip it into your vagina, allow him to penetrate you so you two are united in passion and pleasure. Switch the remote on, and loose yourselves in the joint vibrations you will experience. UNITE will stimulate your clitoris to orgasm whilst simultaneously your man gets intense vibrations on his penis.

    Added bonus: a woman can comfortably wear this under her panties, turn herself on, anywhere, any time… or get her partner to remotely turn her on 🙂

    10 vibration modes, splash proof, UNITE is rechargeable and lasts up to 60 minutes of play. Watch this video to get the best out of UNITE

    I recommend this for couples who want to experience simultaneous orgasms, and for women who want to experience orgasms during penetration.



    MELT is a silky, natural feel on the genitals. It easily blends with vaginal juices adding extreme pleasure as your genitals heat up. Apply to your genitals, or to toys and with friction, feel yourself heating up. MELT contains no menthol, so no burning up of your genitals. The finest natural products such as cinnamon zaylanicum bark provide the heating sensations. I highly recommend this to all of you who are going “green”. Use this range of lubricants as they are organic, natural and exceptionally silky and natural to the touch. A little goes a long way so it is an economical lube purchase.



    Confession:  WE VIBE GALA is my personal favorite sex toy ?

    We Vibe is a reliable top of the range brand and they have once again brought out a sensible orgasm guaranteed clitoral stimulator.

    We Vibe Gala’s pleasure tips slip into your vulva and surround your clitoral area with intense targeted stimulation. The control buttons allow you to decide on the intensity you desire: either vibrate both tips together simultaneously or only one at a time.

    It is small enough to hold in your hand as you or a partner control the vibrations from the free download We – Connect App. It is Bluetooth controlled which gives you the freedom you to play wherever you wish.

    Don’t hesitate to buy this sex toy right now!


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    Sex is Healthy, Indulge regularly and boost your intimate pleasure with fresh and invigorating Assegai Spearmint.

    The Long-lasting personal lubricant has been specifically formulated to enhance and prolong your sensual experience. Doctors, gynaecologists and sex therapists recommend Assegai.

    • Delicious Flavour
    • PH Balanced & Non Toxic
    • Oil free & Condom Safe
    • Non staining
    • Washes off easily
    • Only tested on Humans

    Assegai is a true South African product. Manufactured in Cape Town, Assegai is an oil free water based lubricant useful for all kinds of consensual sexual play. It comes in a 125 ml beautifully packaged bottle with a useful flip top lid for easy in-the-moment use. I recommend this very affordable lube for solo play and for partner play. Remember that a little goes a long way and of course ASSEGAI is condom compatible. Perfume free thus limiting possibility of infections. A safe, slippery, fab water based lubricant.




    Intimate Earth is a hydrating serum specifically designed for women who are looking to temporarily tighten their vaginas. Whether it be due to menopause, post-childbirth or simply to provide a tighter and warmer feel, the Embrace tightening pleasure serum contains a blend of certified organic extracts, natural capsicum, sunflower oil, and almond oil, which causes the vaginal tissue to temporarily contract. Allowing both partners to feel every inch of penetration and for maximum pleasure, the Embrace serum – unlike other tightening products on the market – safely tightens the vagina without causing dehydration to the vaginal tissue.  Simply apply the serum and wait 30 minutes to experience the full effect of the serum.




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